At the end of my rope

Hi there: I have a short story to share with you how I finally was able to rid myself of depression and anxiety without the use of any drugs or pain (well maybe some)....

About 15 years ago I lost a loved one (my brother), I was about 15 years old and I remember when my mother crying and screaming and my father was also crying. This was the worst moment in my life. My father told me that my brother had been hit by a car while walking the store and that he had been pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

My life was never the same after that. Almost immediately I was depressed and even more so when they buried him. After a while I found myself constantly depressed and when I couldn't stand it any more I went to seek help.

To make a long story short (because most of you know what it's like to be depressed) I went through all the pills and psychological treatment. About 4 years ago I attempted to end my life because nothing seemed to be working.

Last December I bumped into a friend of mine who knew about my condition and she had always been close to me. She told me that she knew someone who wrote a self-help manual that could help me overcome my depression. By now I was convinced that I had tried it all and that I was just going to have to live with it. She told me that she actually went to see this psychologist for her own problems and within 6 months her problems were completely gone. She insisted that I try the manual. So I did....

Well we are well into January and I have now completed 8 sessions and I have noticed a significant difference in how I feel. I still have bad days, but instead of 4 days a week it's down to 1 day. I notice that I can now control my emotions better and have the power to put aside the bad feelings easier than before. I have been able to change my daily routine and do things, like walking to the store, without feeling anything. I am certainly convinced that this self-help manual is behind the changes that have taken place.

The manual is called "Trauma Neutralisation Therapy" (TNT) and it comes with an audio cassette. The manual is extremely well written and understandable. It is evident that Mr. Kenny (the author) knew what he was talking about when he wrote this manual. As I go through the exercises I find myself going back to the manual for answers. Right now I am at the stage in the program where I am encountering extreme fatigue and strange dreams. Mr. Kenny outlines this phenomenon in the manual. The audio cassette contains the relaxation and instruction techniques required to complete the program. He talks about how the nervous system is used to neutralise any traumatic event in your life (I can only speak for myself). There is a great self-diagnosis section in the manual which I consider to be most helpful. It outlines how to pin-point the specific event which must be neutralised, in my case it was the death of my brother. Mr. Kenny discusses how the response structure works and what you have to do to change it.

If you have tried it all and are still looking for answers, I would recommend this self-help package. It may seem a little pricy but when you weigh it against all the drugs you're taking it's well worth it.

The author's address is printed inside the manual:

J.Gordon Kenny
340 Parkside Dr
Bathurst, New Brunswick
E2A 1N4


That is my story....Wendall

(First Person makes no guarantees about this course - Editor)

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