A positive experience of ECT

It has been two weeks since I had my last ECT treatment. The darkness is over. I had been slowly going down-hill for months. I was on countless medications including Lithium, Paxil, Buspar and Trazodone. I had gained more than thirty pounds within six months. My medications weren't working, and I had lost all hope. Finally, about a month ago, I started to see a new doctor. She is trained to do ECT. I had heard about it before, but wasn't really sure about the procedure. I searched the internet, but found conflicting information. Most of what I saw was against the practice.
After contemplating suicide for many days, I checked myself into the mental ward of a hospital. I told my doctor that I wanted to try ECT.
With that, she began ordering the necessary tests. I was taken off all medication. It was a very hard week, but in my heart, I knew that I was doing the right thing.
Finally, about a week later, the procedure was approved by my insurance company. We had to prove to them that I had exhausted all other treatment methods.
Soon after that, I received my first treatment. I was extremely nervous, but it went just fine. I was sick for a couple of hours after, due to the anesthesia and I had a migraine headache. I then had four more treatments throughout the next couple of weeks. Each became less uncomfortable.
It has been two weeks now. I feel better than I have in years. In fact, I think I feel better than I ever have. I can now get out of bed and lead a normal life. I have so much motivation. Mentally, I feel sharp and alert. My short-term memory was only temporarily affected. I am writing more, and excelling at everything I do. I now feel able to go out and get a job again.
I just wanted to share my story with anyone else who suffers from a severe mental illness and has lost all hope. Please, keep in mind the option of ECT. It is not nearly as scary as it is made out to be. The risks are very low, and it really works. At least it did for me. Please don't let what you see on the internet scare you. Many times the writers of the information have a hidden agenda. Find the answers for yourself. Do what is right for you, and above all don't lose hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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